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Kids & Markets - Can they Work ?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Imagine finding a place

that you could combine your love of shopping, socialising and keeping your children happy .... all at the same venue ... a dream? Well we are bringing you that reality !

Cape Town consists of

many markets - focused on a variety of products but not many of them combining the need f

or parents to be able to have some downtime and their kids having some FUN !

Imagine taking a stroll and visiting some amazing vendors, picking up a coffee from a barista while you watch him explain where the coffee beans come from and his enthusiasm in making your coffee just right (and getting to know what you like so when you return - he knows your name !), visiting a food truck with delectable, mouthwatering dishes that you just cannot pass b

y .... Pulled Pork, Potjikos, Mexican Fare, Pizza, Sushi, Seafood or the most delicious burger ever - taking these to a table under the trees and listening to the vibe of the local musician playing some foot tapping tunes - whilst your children are laughing and playing, having their own fun !

With no shortage of entertainment for both adults and kids - you wont know what you did on weekends before we came along !

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